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Keokuk IA Firefighter LODDs

The Fires That Forged Us: Three Keokuk (IA) Firefighters Die in Rescue Attempt at...

On December 22, 1999, Keokuk (IA) Fire Department Assistant Chief Dave McNally and Firefighters Jason Bitting and Nate Tuck died while trying to rescue children during a structure fire.

Firefighter Training Video: High Ladder Rescue

Firefighters with D.C. Fire & EMS demonstrate various ladder rescue evolutions.
Ray McCormack

To Be or Not to Be Supplied

Should fire departments consider a major shift to their fire attack methodology? Not until a comprehensive review is undertaken, argues Ray McCormack.
Firefighters at Guttenberg NJ structure fire

Stubborn Guttenberg (NJ) Fire Keeps Firefighters Busy

Tin ceilings on the interior of a remodeled mix-occupancy made firefighting difficult for crews in Hudson County.
Large-scale fires

Firefighting Fridays: Large-Scale Fires

Jeff Shupe and other members of Strategic Fire Training review a large fire from Shupe's career in Cleveland in the early 2000s.
Firefighters train hoseline on exterior of burning home

Photos: Crews Control Val Verde (CA) House Fire

Rick McClure shared photos of firefighters responding to a multiple-alarm fire that ravaged a home in the unincorporated community of Val Verde.
A firefighter applies an exterior stream at a structure fire

Interior Fire Attack: Obsolete or Indispensable?

Is interior fire attack headed for the dustbin of history? Leigh H. Shapiro argues that exterior-only tactics cut against fire service tactics and ethics.
Firefighter masks up outside a door with smoke showing

Finding the Fire Using the Cool Air Gravity Current

Paying more attention to the lower atmosphere may allow firefighters to operate more effectively, writes Robert L. Daley.
Robert Callahan on fires in outbuildings

‘My ‘She-Shed’ Is on Fire!’: Response to Fires in Residential Workshops and Outbuildings

Fire department command staff must identify residential outbuildings in their district and develop response plans for them. Read more from Robert Callahan.
Tower ladder bucket shrouded in smoke from house fire

Smoke Signals

In today's lightweight construction, collapse can happen much faster than in legacy buildings. Remember to read the smoke, says Mike Ciampo.