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Water on the Fire 2019

Water on the fire

Get the February 2019 Water on the Fire supplement, with features by Dennis LeGear on problems with wye operations, Anthony Rowett Jr. and Gregory Sellers on the attack line, Joe Ficarelli on vertical stretches in multiple dwellings, and Jonathan Brumley on modifying the triple-layer load. Cover photo by Tim Olk.

The 2019 PPE Supplement

PPE decon

Read our January 2019 PPE supplement, which contains pieces on contamination control, particulate-blocking hoods, and more.

The Wellness Supplement

Fire truck and fire

Our 2018 wellness supplement features Jada Hudson on the benefits of exercise, Dena Ali on firefighters and suicide, and more.

The 2018 Wildland Supplement

Geronomino hotshots at wildland fire

Download the 2018 wildland supplement, which includes features on the work of hotshots, preplanning in the WUI, and more! USDA photo by Lance Cheung.


The 2018 Extrication Supplement

Firefighters performing extrication

The 2018 extrication supplement has Randy Schmitz on concrete truck incident response, Shawn Wagner on the art of making space, and more. Cover photo by Pete Danzo.

Water on the Fire, Part 1

Fire trucks at a fire scene

From our February 2018 issue, check out a supplement on structural fire suppression and extinguishment.

Water on the Fire, Part 2

Firefighters move house at house fire

Access the second part of our “Water on the Fire” series, which has Todd McNeal on foam ops, Aaron Heller on commercial engine company operations, P.J. Norwood on fire attack, and more.

The 2018 Apparatus Supplement

Fire trucks at a fire scene

Grab the 2018 fire apparatus supplement, which ran along with the June 2018 issue of Fire Engineering.

PPE: How Clean is Clean?

Firefighter emerging from fire building

From our January 2018 issue, read this supplement on addressing personal protective equipment (PPE) contamination control.

The 2017 Apparatus Supplement

Fire truck and fire

Download the 2017 apparatus supplement, with a review of NFPA 1901 and FDIC International 2017 overview by Bill Peters. Photo by Ron Jeffers.

The 2017 Extrication Supplement

Fire truck and fire

Download the 2017 vehicle extrication supplement, with Andy Biron on motor sports incidents, Andrew Hale on strut size-up, and more. Photo by Tony Greco.


Firefighters standing together in front of a rig

Check out a free supplement on fire department accreditation, sponsored by the Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Major Incident Response

Fire officials conduct training at a mass-casualty incident evolution.

Download our free major incident response supplement, which among other things contains a profile of FDNY’s SOC Support Ladder companies.