Maintaining vitality of command during incident operations will help ensure the safety of personnel and promote the success of the mission.

Are all your companies capable of serving as a rapid intervention team? David DeStefano shares an account and lessons learned from the fireground.

The ability of first-arriving officers to rapidly assess the scene and set an initial action plan into motion will have a tremendous effect on incident outcome.

Firefighters need to keep a "Plan B" in their minds if their initial course of action on the fireground fails. David DeStefano runs through several examples for truck and engine operations.

"When used routinely and adopted as department policy, benchmarks and sit-reps are important tools that enhance safety and efficiency on the fireground," writes David DeStefano.
Fireground Management

Adaptability is paramount when it comes to the complexities of the fireground, so firefighters and fire officers need to be ready to react to changing dynamics and circumstances, writes David DeStefano.