As an officer in a large, 100-percent volunteer department, I always look forward to reading the monthly Volunteers Corner articles.
Apparatus & Equipment

First, outline any special design features required on the apparatus. Examples include a short wheelbase; tight turning radius; and specific height, width, weight, or length to meet local operating conditions.

In ”Answers from the Ashes” February 2005), Chief Michael S. Terwilliger referenced the line-of-duty death of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) Firefighter Eva Schike. I agree with Terwilliger that there are always lessons to be learned from these tragic events that occur on a regular basis in today’s fire service, but I’m having some heartache with “how” the article was written.

Kudos to David M. McGrail on his article “Engine Company Standpipe Operations: Pressure-Regulating Devices” in the February issue.