One day while on duty, I was throwing away some newspapers in the recyclables container when I noticed four five-gallon containers that once contained foam. One of our engines had had a vehicle fire with fuel burning; the fire was stubborn, so they eventually used some foam.
Fire Prevention & Protection

The fire service does a lot of talking about fire prevention but does a minimal job as a whole in walking the walk. Take a look at our trade publications, and you will see little in the way of articles about fire prevention. I don’t blame the publications or those not writing about it; it just isn’t a “sexy” topic. As a profession, though, we need to better use our budgets, personnel, and training in the direction of prevention to reduce not only the loss of civilian life and property but also firefighters’ lives.

Recently, members of the Sullivan (MO) Fire Protection District discussed training ideas at the firehouse. The topic eventually turned to training concerns that we felt had either not been addressed in a long time or were new and never before presented to many of our members. Out of all our concerns, the training issues that stood out the most to us were the cost and quality of Mayday training.