Massive 11-Alarm Chemical Plant Fire Erupts in NJ, Building Collapses

The fire broke out Friday night at the Majestic Industries warehouse in Passaic on Passaic Street.
Oklahoma City OK Hazmat 5

Oklahoma City (OK) Fire Department Adds Needed Hazmat Technicians

A group of 24 firefighters participated in the two-week class, the first in-house hazmat training the department has held in 25 years.

Firefighter Heart Health in the Age of COVID

January 18, 2022 | 1 PM EST

Firefighters are more vulnerable to not only heart disease, but also to being a vulnerable firefighter that suffers a sudden heart attack while on active duty. Routine testing can miss up to 50% of at-risk firefighters. Many of these risks are also the same risks that place individuals at a higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. A firefighter-specific, research-based, heart health program is essential to reducing the numbers of Firefighters dying from heart attacks. This webinar will explore the scientific evidence, the testing and commonalities that exist between COVID-19 disease, deaths and heart disease.

Bob Keys

Firefighting Wear Trials – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

January 25, 2022 | 1 PM EST

This webcast will feature "best practices" and "lessons learned" used by various departments – large and small - for PPE wear-trials to better outfit and protect their firefighters.  The panel will feature former FDNY Battalion Chief Bob Keys, who served as Chief in Charge of Research and Development. Chief Keys has been assisting PPE Committees across North America to conduct wear-trials that evaluate a department’s current gear and compares it to new and different NFPA Certified products.  

High-Rises Under Construction Webcast

High-Rises Under Construction

January 27, 2022 | 1 PM EST

It is important to adopt a “Know before you go” mentality and perform building recon--gathering critical information to develop a more informed decision-based “battle plan” for the fireground. The focus of this Webcast is the creation of such a plan.

Barstow CA Fire Protection District Engineer David Spink

CA Firefighter Succumbs to Injuries After Being Struck at Collision Scene

Barstow Fire Protection District Engineer David Spink was critically injured while he and other firefighters responded to a traffic collision.

Pilot Rescued from Wreckage in Los Angeles Moments Before Train Hits

The pilot of a small plane averted death twice in a span of minutes on Sunday, first when he crash-landed onto railroad tracks, then when Los Angeles police rescued him just before a commuter train smashed into the aircraft.

27 Rescued After Huge Chunk of Ice Breaks Away from Shore in WI

Rescue crews saved 27 people stranded on a large piece of ice floating off the shore of Point Comfort in Green Bay, police in Wisconsin said.
Firefighter with hydraulic extrication equipment

Man Rescued from Seattle (WA) Home that Slid up to 20 Feet Off Foundation

A man was rescued from a home on a steep hill in Magnolia that slid 15 to 20 feet off its foundation.
Firefighter helmet

Wall of Rock Falls on Boaters on Brazilian Lake, Killing Six

A towering slab of rock broke from a cliff and toppled onto pleasure boaters drifting near a waterfall on a Brazilian lake Saturday and officials said at least six people died.

Body of Flood Victim Recovered After Pacific Northwest Storm

Emergency workers have recovered the body of a man in southwest Washington state whose vehicle was swept away by flooding unleashed by storms that have deluged the Pacific Northwest with rain and snow and closed key roadways across the state.


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