Cincinnati Firefighters Use Ground Ladder for Extrication

Cincinnati firefighters use a ground ladder to lift and stabilize a vehicle

On the evening of Thursday, February 1st, the Cincinnati (OH) Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. Upon arrival, members of Engine and Ladder 35 found a pedestrian pinned underneath the engine compartment of a four-door sedan; the patient had significant injuries.

With Cincinnati’s Rescue Company still en route, on-scene members realized the urgency of patient rescue and removal. Without traditional lifting tools being on scene, the members initiated their plan of using a ground ladder as Class I lever along with wooden step chocks as the fulcrum to lift the car off of the patient. Stabilizing the vehicle throughout the lifting operation, members were able to reset and continue their efforts until the patient was removed from underneath the car.

This incident was a success using just one of many techniques taught in P.L. Vulcan Fire Training Concepts “Man vs. Machine” class. This course focuses on finding the least complicated method of performing rescues rather than “overthinking” them. To register for P.L. Vulcan’s “Man vs. Machine” program at this year’s FDIC International, CLICK HERE.

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P.L. Vulcan also recommends that ladders used in this fashion be tested accordingly prior to being returned to service.

Video footage courtesy of Calvin Andrus. Watch in the player below.

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