Coolant Leaks Reportedly Caused Chevrolet Volt Fires

The liquid solution that cools the Chevrolet Volt’s batteries probably caused fires that broke out inside the electric car after government crash tests, a source told the Associated Press (

The coolant did not catch fire, but crystallized and created an electrical short that apparently sparked the fires, the unidentified source claimed, who chose anonymity because these finding are not final.

The same source indicated that General Motors engineers are reportedly working to strengthen the car’s T-shaped battery pack, and also make the Volt’s body more resistant to side-impact crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a statement announcing the opening of a formal safety defect investigation to assess the risk of fire in Chevy Volts that have been involved in a serious crash. The NHTSA test-crashed the car in May; the test vehicle caught fire more than three weeks later, leading to fears about the car’s safety.

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