Feds Sound Alarm On First Responder Impersonation

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released a bulletin designed to raise awareness about the potential threat posed by people pretending to be firefighters, police, EMS workers, and such first responders.

The two-page brief (CLICK HERE for PDF) cautions of the possibility of terrorists using the public trust of fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel to their advantage by donning uniforms and using emergency equipment and vehicles to help them carry out attacks.  It notes this method has been used successfully overseas, and thwarted plots in France and Belgium this year showing the interest in using this scheme is still real.

Emergency responders can help ensure they are not successful by using the following security steps:

  • Install anti-theft or keyless entry devices on all apparatus;
  • Use vehicle tracking systems;
  • Install recorded video surveillance systems on all vehicle parking lots;
  • Report all stolen or missing uniforms, credentials, and insignia;
  • Be able to quickly identify a cloned versus a legitimate vehicle or uniform.


HT Billy Goldfeder (http://www.firefighterclosecalls.com/)

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