Emergency Mapping Team Supplies Resources for Japan Disaster

Emergency Mapping Team Supplies Resources for Japan Disaster

Multiple Organizations Come Together to Provide Relief and Recovery Support

Redlands, California—April 12, 2011—More than a dozen organizations have come together to provide mapping support for the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. The group, known as the Emergency Mapping Team (EMT), is supplying maps and web services that are being used to make better decisions for relief and recovery efforts related to the recent Tōhoku, Japan, earthquake and resultant tsunami. EMT-produced maps are enhanced with information generated by disaster management experts that helps supply updated status reports on the overall situation.

“The use of geographic information system (GIS) technology has contributed to overall situational awareness,” says Russ Johnson, public safety director, Esri. “In addition, thousands of maps that utilize the analytical power of GIS have been produced to support critical decision making. EMT’s maps and services supply valuable information, from evacuation zones to rolling blackout locations to seismic activity.”

EMT maps and services give people information on shelters, highway and traffic conditions, infrastructure, and more. For example, EMT-produced resources have been used by the Japanese government to understand conditions on the ground, develop a list of recovery and relief priorities, and deploy personnel and equipment. These resources are available online as both static maps and dynamic map services available for mashup capability. As new maps and services are created, they are made available online at the EMT website.

Several organizations are involved with EMT: Esri, ESRI Japan Corporation, Honda Motor, Pioneer, and more.

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