Fire Blog Roundup: Basement Fires, Science, and Staying Humble

Isaac Frazier returns with his extrication “quick tips,” this one addressing cutting the power at moter vehicle incidents.

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Jason Hoevelmann      

Service Calls

Every call has the potential for being a challenge, no matter how it is dispatched or what you think it might be, says Jason Hoevelmann.

The New Standard

Mark J. Cotter on the risks of ignoring the science.
Billy Greenwood      

Auto Extrication 102

What you think you know might get you hurt, Billy Greenwood writes.
Mike Horist      

Never Leave The ‘Emergency’ Out Of Your Bypass Operations

Sometimes it takes a total stranger to see what most others choose to overlook, writes Mike Horist.
Isaac Frazier      

Don’t Cut the Power!

What if cutting a vehicle’s battery at a motor vehicle accident isn’t always the best thing to do? Read a new post from Isaac Frazier.

Modern Fire Attack

Mark J. Cotter on what’s been said, and what’s left to say.
Dan Shaw      

Beware of Smoke from Everywhere

Basement fires and their tell-tale sign of smoke from everywhere are arguably the most dangerous fire we encounter, writes Dan Shaw.  
Doug Cline      

Viking Ship Rowing or Row Boat Tug-A-War

Are firefighters and leadership deliberately working against each other? A new post from Doug Cline.
Dave McGlynn      

Stay Humble

As we close 2015 and move into a new chapter in our journey by welcoming in 2016, Dave McGlynn looks back at how things went.


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