Firefighter Training on Post-Blast Response Available

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program, Post-Blast Response is now available free of charge. The program is presented by August Vernon, the well-known Emergency Management subject matter expert.

The 32-minute video is a presentation of the material in the accompanying 47-slide PowerPoint presentation. It covers the reasons that this is an important subject for firefighters, EMTs, search and rescue, and emergency management personnel. It describes the actions and tactics to be employed immediately after the blast is called in, while arriving on scene, during the first critical minutes, and throughout what will certainly be a lengthy investigation. “This program also describes ways in which various the public safety agencies need to work together and describes critical elements of the ICS system that will play a key role,” says FSF President David Kenik.

The PowerPoint resource can be used by any agency or member either as-is, or as a basis from which to construct training modules or presentations of their own. It compiles the thoughts and advice of many of the leading experts in this area. Simply watch in the viewer above, or download the PowerPoint and the video HERE (294 MB).

Send comments and feedback about these training programs to Please note: some Windows users may experience problems when downloading compressed files.

About the Firefighters Support Foundation

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