Firefighters Support Foundation Offers Training Programs on Confined Space Rescue, Firefighter Bailout

At left, firefighters conduct confined space training, while at bottom right a firefighter bails out of a window.

The Firefighters Support Foundation (FSF) recently released a pair of free training programs, one on firefighter bailout techniques, the other on confined space rescue.


“Our Basic Bailouts program explains and demonstrates the couple most common techniques that a firefighter will employ when having to bail out of a building,” says FSF President David Kenik. The video program consists of a short 16-minute video presentation, using the ultra-realistic Guardian Safety and Survival Training Simulator®. The presenter is Michael Wood, an acting lieutenant on one of the busiest companies in one of the nation’s busiest departments.

Bailouts covered include the head-first ladder bailout, basic hang technique, and basic drop technique. Each of these bailouts are critical to know, employed often, and have several fine points that can make the difference between a successful bailout and one that results in serious injury to the firefighter.

Download the bailout video HERE.

Confined Space Rescue

“Our confined space rescue program is a realistic look at confined space technique, protocol, patient packaging, and safety procedures,” says FSF President David Kenik.

Using the Guardian Safety and Survival Training Simulator®, Guardian Specialists demonstrate and explain how to perform a confined space rescue using the simulator’s sewer prop. In the 18-minute program they explain and demonstrate the proper techniques to set up operations, lower rescuers and equipment into the confined space, package the patient, and remove the patient. During this program the instructors explain the safety points of the operation as well as the technical points of the tasks involved.

The presenter is Kristopher Gaasch, an acting lieutenant with one of the busiest companies in one of the nation’s busiest departments.

Download the confined space rescue video HERE.

These programs are free to all members of public safety and  emergency management agencies. Simply watch in the viewers above, or download the videos at the above links.

Send comments and feedback about these training programs to Please note: some Windows users may experience problems when downloading compressed files. 

About the Firefighters Support Foundation

The Firefighters Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to assisting firefighters, emergency management, EMS, and Search & Rescue personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely. They also set aside a portion of their funds to aid underfunded agencies and assist families of fallen firefighters. More at

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