Tactical Size-Up of Natural Gas Emergencies

Jerry Knapp highlights a few critical tactical considerations for your next response to a natural gas emergency.
Concrete containment berm

Hazmat Response and the Fire Codes

Joseph Chacon offers an overview of the International Fire Code and NFPA 704 requirements for storage and use of hazardous materials (hazmats).
Hazmat symbols OSHA

How Immediate Is Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health?

“Immediately dangerous to life or health” (IDLH) is a critical term in the fire service lexicon and one that we should be familiar with and understand. Read more from Michael Heffner.

The Components of the Gas Detection Puzzle

An instrument is only as effective as the experience and training of the firefighter and how well the instrument is maintained, writes Jim Leer.
Vyto Babrauskas on the ERG

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG): Not Good Enough, Not Safe Enough

Vyto Babrauskas presents examples of the Emergency Response Guidebook's limitations and the role they might have played in specific incidents.

HazSim LLC Partners with Field Forensics Inc.

HazSim LLC recently announce da new partnership for research, development, and production Field Forensics Inc., a company based in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Fire and smoke at scene of Beirut explosion

Ammonium Nitrate: Tragic Lessons Still to Be Learned

Beirut, Lebanon. West, Texas. Ammonium nitrate (AN) disasters cause devastation and death, but they don't need to happen at all. Dr. Vyto Babrauskas says there's a straightforward way to secure AN and save lives.
Damage in the aftermath of devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

Ammonium Nitrate Explosions: Common Factors in Major Disasters

In light of the recent devastation caused by an ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut, George H. Potter takes a look at similar incidents from the past and lessons learned.
The aftermath of an explosion in Baltimore

Death Toll Rises in Baltimore Natural Gas Blast

Two people are now confirmed dead following a natural gas explosion that destroyed three row houses in Baltimore.
Still from CSB video on West, Texas, explosion

CSB Issues Statement on Massive Beirut Explosion

The same hazardous chemical that was involved in the explosion in Beirut also caused a deadly 2013 blast in West, Texas.