Indianapolis Firefighters Extricate Worker from Excavator

By Rita Reith

An excavator operator was pinned in the cab of his excavator Tuesday after an overhead crane fell off its tracks and landed on the cab.  The crane compacted the cab of the excavator and came to a rest on the motor area.

Indianapolis (IN) firefighters and members of Tactical Team 7 were dispatched to the scene.

At the direction of Tactical 7, Ray’s employees used two additional excavators to stabilize the fallen overhead crane so that Tac 7 firefighters could remove the patient. Tactical 7 used a recip saw and glass saw to remove the front glass from the cab.

The firefighters helped the man up and over the controls and out of the front of the excavator. It took crews approximately 30 minutes to complete the extrication. The driver was alert, mobile and uninjured but complaining of some slight aches and pains. The driver was transported to Eskenazi Hospital to be checked out. 

It is unclear how the overhead crane came off its tracks.



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