Marines, San Francisco (CA) Firefighters Take Part in USAR Training


Article and photos by Sgt. Terence Brady

Marines and sailors met with the San Francisco (CA) Fire Department during an urban search and rescue training event at Treasure Island on October 7, 2015, as part of Fleet Week San Francisco 2015.

The mission was to give the Marines and sailors exposure to what a city response force would do in the event of a natural disaster, according to Thom Jaquysh, a retired firefighter from the San Francisco Fire Department.

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“We put them through heavy lifting and moving, where we would have to move heavy pieces of concrete to access victims, breaching and breaking to access victims, and building shoring to get in and make sure that the building is safe for us to work in so that we can get the victims,” said Jaquysh.

During the training, the Marines and sailors were broken up into teams, cycling through three stations where they were instructed on techniques.

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