Pool Chemicals Cause of Amherst (NY) Hazmat Incident

Emergency responders said a homeowner was responsible for the improper disposal of  hazardous material in Amherst (NY), reports WIVB 4.

Three Modern Disposal workers were doing a pick up on Teakwood Terrace when they were overcome by fumes. Authorities say pool chemicals were improperly disposed of by a homeowner and were placed at the curb in garbage totes. The chemicals were dumped into the garbage truck and when combined, produced a chemical reaction that spread vapors over a large area.

A four-square-block area was advised to close windows and doors until the air was cleared, which took about an hour and a half.
The three workers were treated at the scene and decontaminated as a precaution.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/17pFlsl

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