Sea Bright (NJ) Ocean Rescue Certified as Personal Rescue Water Craft Agency

Sea Bright (NJ) Ocean Rescue

On December 7, 2019, the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) and its board of directors certified and designated Sea Bright (NJ) Ocean Rescue as a Personal Rescue Water Craft Agency (PRWC) for 2020 season. The agency is part of the first group of four organizations in the country to be certified at this advanced level of motorized water craft rescue (jet ski).

“Combined with our USLA Open Water Agency Certification and our USLA Aquatic Rescue Response Team Certification  we are the only municipality and lifeguard service in the country to possess all 3 levels of national certification,” wrote Captain Mike Hudson in a release. ” We have finally made national ocean lifeguard history thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication to our mission. I am also very thankful for the leadership of our department (Don Klein) and the boro council including former Mayor Long, Mr Rooney, and Mr Birdsall as well as our boro administrator Joe Verruni for standing behind our  jet ski rescue team, which has rescued well over a dozen people from  rip currents, assisted numerous boats in distress, recovered one body and prevented hundreds of dangerous incidents and ocean conditions from turning deadly.” 

The other PRWC-certified agencies in the United States:

  • Delray Beach (FL) Ocean Rescue
  • Honolulu (HI) Ocean Safety & Lifeguard Services
  • City of Laguna Beach, CA
  • Sea Bright (NJ) Ocean Rescue


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