Training Minutes: Poling and Elevator Rescue

Mike Dragonetti on elevator rescue

In a new segment of Training Minutes, Mike Dragonetti and company review using the poling technique when it comes to elevator rescue. They cover the importance of lockout/tagout procedures, tool tips, and safety, among other operational details.

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Watch in the player below, and keep in mind the below considerations.

11-Step Initial Response Procedures (IRP): Contact elevator mechanic and building management

  • Obtain the building’s lock box key, if one is available. The box may contain useful elevator keys.
  • Send two firefighters to the motor room. They should be equipped with keys for the locked motor room, a set of irons, radios, LOTO kit, and an appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • If multiple elevators are present, verify which elevator is stalled. It is very important not to open the wrong hoistway door. Doing so will stop the operating elevator in mid-travel, possibly causing additional problems.
  • Determine the elevator’s location in the hoistway.
  • Once you have located the elevator, make immediate verbal contact with the passengers and assure them of their safety. Ask if anyone is ill or injured. Here is where you will determine if you have an fire, injury, panic (FIP) situation.
  • If an emergency stop switch is present inside the car, have a passenger, if possible, turn it off and on a few times. This may restart the elevator.
  • Have a passenger push a couple of floor buttons and/or the “Door Open” button.
  • Have a passenger push close the car doors if they are not fully closed.
  • Activate the Phase I switch (Fireman’s Service) in the lobby. This may bring the elevator down to the lobby. Notify the occupants first!
  • Make sure that all hoistway doors are fully closed (front, rear, and side).
  • Cycle the main line disconnect (power switch) to the stalled elevator (turn off, wait 30-45 seconds, and turn back on). Only attempt this once. If the elevator does not respond to this action, it is beyond our capabilities to get the elevator moving again.

More about Mike’s FDIC International 2018 HOT class HERE.

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