TX Restaurant: Elevator Falls Seven Floors With Delivery Driver Inside

Kaitlyn Alanis

The Charlotte Observer


As a pizza delivery driver took a ride in an elevator, it broke and plunged seven floors down, a Texas restaurant says.

Finally, after the elevator fell seven floors, its brakes “kicked in” and stopped just 3 feet short of “slamming into the ground floor,” Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza and Grill said on Facebook late Saturday night.

The delivery driver was in a Raider Park elevator in Lubbock, KLBK reported.

Following the fall, he called his wife via iPhone FaceTime, and she recorded the call in a video the pizza joint shared to social media.

Text messages in a “work chat” included in the video show someone telling the delivery man to “stay calm” as several calls were made to 911 and help was on the way.

“Yeah I heard them knocking but now it’s quiet,” he replied.

The video of the rescue, which does not have sound, shows a firefighter wedging his hand between the door and the frame before he and another first responder managed to slide the door open.

The delivery driver was “a little frazzled” following the fall, his employer said, but he was able to safely exit the elevator.

The man was the pizza shop’s “late night” delivery driver, so Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza and Grill then called it a night.

A power outage in the area, reported 30 minutes after Texas Tech’s football game, may have led to the elevator incident, according to WAFF.

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