Vehicle Extrication: Car on Roof

Firefighter Chris Mills with overturned vehicle
Firefighters Support Foundation/YouTube

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available. 

“Our Vehicle Extrication – Car on Roof  program follows up on our very popular Eight Minute Extrication program that we recently released,” says FSF President David Kenik, “It takes a situation that is somewhat uncommon and difficult, and demonstrates a quick, safe method of getting to the victim.”

This 40-minute program applies the same super-efficient methods presented in the earlier program to a car resting on its roof.  It demonstrates a two-firefighter method to complete patient access that takes literally only a fraction of the time that is typically seen on crash sites.  The time saved with this approach translates directly to lives saved.

The presenter is Chris Mills, a career firefighter and nationally-known extrication instructor. Mill’s deep knowledge of the subject comes through, and his fast-moving, non-repetitive style makes the material both entertaining and highly instructive.

The program is free to all members of public safety and  emergency management agencies. Watch below, or download as an MPG HERE.

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