Addison (MI) Fire Department Receives True North’s Training Scholarship

For many firefighters, today’s world is like some biblical End Of Days with unrelenting stories of budget cuts, lay-offs, and in some cases, entire departments being closed. These cuts are a threat not only to the communities affected, but to the life and safety of firefighters who are denied the equipment and training they need to do their job safely. In the fire service spirit of “Everyone Goes Home” True North Gear, a manufacturer of fire equipment established a Training Scholarship to help departments in need. After careful review of the many applications submitted, the next True North Firefighter Scholarship has been awarded to the Addison Fire Department from Michigan.

With recent grant monies the Addison Fire Department was able to purchase necessary training equipment with a slim budget. In order to increase the success of the training program the department has requested instructor development training, to train all units and offer the opportunity to outside agents as well.

The True North Scholarship will provide $3,000 for training to teach tactics and strategies for “Becoming a Better Drill Ground Instructor”. To make sure Addison firefighters get the greatest benefit from the training Aaron Heller with On Scene Training has specifically designed the course that is interactive and hands-on. The goal is to increase participants competency and credibility when supervising personnel in a Drill Ground setting. This course has also been presented at FDIC and other major fire service shows.

For more information and to apply for the 2012 True North Firefighter Training Scholarship, please visit

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