Assured Automation Announces New FireChek Heat Activated Pneumatic Shut-off Valve

Clark, NJ Assured Automation announces the FireChek FC-4 Series.

The Firechek FC-4 Series valve is a FM approved heat activated pneumatic shut-off valve. When the shape memory alloy of the FireChek senses excessive heat from a nearby fire, it immediately vents the pneumatic actuator and closes the actuator air supply line. FireChek triggers quickly, securing pneumatically operated process line valves. Because this valve responds to heat, not flame, it offers dramatically improved protection compared with conventional plastic tubing burn-through. It shuts off the air supply line to prevent plant air from feeding oxygen to a fire.

The element is 100% reliable because the shape memory effect is intrinsic to the alloy. The element senses the ambient temperature and through a phase induction change, rapidly produces the force and motion to operate FireChek. Firechek’s manual reset allows routine performance testing for safety maintenance programs. Shape memory alloys have performed successfully for years in military, industrial, and consumer product applications.

Featured Application

A major pharmaceutical company was seeking to improve their fire safety systems. They were currently using either fusible plugs or plastic tubing on their automated valves. The fusible plug or plastic tubing would melt under high temperatures venting the valve actuators and sending the valves to their fail positions. Their onsite fire department, comprised of plant personnel, was concerned about their safety under fire conditions with this system. When the fusible plug or plastic tube burns, it feeds the fire with an air source putting the responding fire crew in greater danger with larger fires.

They were introduced to the FireChek. When exposed to heat the shape memory alloy changes state. It seals off the air supply and vents the valve actuators downstream. The blocked air supply cannot feed the fire. The pharmaceutical employee fire team quickly specified the FireChek as their new product of choice for venting automated valves under fire conditions. They also have the ability to check these valves each year to ensure their proper function.
About Assured Automation

Assured Automation is a privately held company that sells automated valves, actuators, flow meters and valve accessories. Located in Clark NJ, Assured Automation’s customers include original equipment manufacturers, resellers, and end users. Their products are used for fluid and gas applications in air drying, pollution control, process control, laundry equipment, textile dyeing & drying, bottling & dispensing equipment, ink & paint dispensing and industrial compressors. Their valves have been used reliably in curbside gas shut-off systems, award-winning architectural fountains and many other high-profile projects. The company markets its products through a network of direct sales offices, technically-oriented representatives, and distributors throughout the world. For more information contact Assured Automation at 800-899-0553, by e-mail at or visit

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