Clow Urging Fixes for Fire Hydrants

In 2009, Clow Valve Company employees found inoperable fire hydrants in Oskaloosa, Iowa; the upper stem assemblies were corroded. Today, it remains possible that a number of similar fire hydrants in your community may be inoperable, and this imminent risk increases over time.
Medallion and F2500 fire hydrants with cast years of 2002, 2003, and 2004 require immediate attention.  Calcium acetate found in the grease of these hydrants causes corrosion over time, rendering the hydrants inoperable.
Clow Valve Company is committed to finding and replacing the upper stem of each hydrant affected; this is our fifth Safety Notice on this issue since 2006. We have located and replaced more than 87,000 of approximately 113,000 fire hydrants affected nationwide.
A contractor will be provided free of charge to perform the replacement or a labor allowance along with free parts for each stem returned.
Please act now by visiting for more information or call 800-829-2569 to schedule your replacement today.
Note also that affected fire hydrants may have been installed in your community after initial notification in 2006 as hydrants sold to distributors can remain on hand for some time.

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