DeLorme and Pivotel Partner to Deliver Satellite Communicator in Australia and Indonesia

DeLorme announced a partnership with Pivotel Satellite, the leading provider of mobile satellite services in Australia. As a Delorme service partner, Pivotel will deliver the award-winning inReachTM two-way satellite communicator in the region.
Pivotel will provide inReach devices and the DeLorme Explore service portal on local service plans directly to adventurous consumers who go off-the-grid on land, at sea and in the air. Pivotel will also make inReach devices available with TracerTrak, the company’s popular enterprise remote worker safety solution, providing affordable two-way satellite and safety communications for those in important government and enterprise sectors including mining and oil/gas. inReach will also be sold through Pivotel’s extensive network of more than 200 value-added resellers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.
Launched in 2011, inReach is the first affordable satellite communicator with vital two-way SOS alerting and personal text messaging, message delivery confirmation and remote GPS Follow-Me/Find-Me tracking and locating capabilities. inReach also interfaces wirelessly with most popular smartphones and tablets. The device is compact, lightweight, waterproof, floatable, and impact-resistant and it can maintain satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments.
inReach operates over the Iridium® satellite network, providing truly global two-way satellite communications, high network reliability and low-latency data links (less than 60 second delivery of messages end-to-end) anywhere on Earth, even in areas outside of traditional cellular coverage.
“Establishing this important partnership with Pivotel will expand inReach’s global presence and opens the door to future growth in other international markets,” said Patrick Shay, DeLorme vice president and general manager. “Aligned with the recognized success of Pivotel and backed by the reliability of the Iridium network, the world’s only truly global mobile satellite service provider, positions inReach as the safety and communication solution for the many people who work and play every day in remote regions and other areas not covered by cell phone service.”
“The opportunity to offer our retail and wholesale customers the vital communication capabilities of inReach further builds on our track record of delivering the best satellite devices and services available on the market,” said Pivotel CEO, Peter Bolger. “The comprehensive two-way features of inReach will provide the communications link that so many of our consumer/retail customers and larger enterprise users have been waiting for. In addition, our enterprise and government users will definitely appreciate the advanced remote worker monitoring capabilities of the inReach integrated into our TracerTrak system.”

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