Drill of the Week: Area Familiarization

The purpose of this drill is to review information for the streets within one mile of your station and for major buildings in your first-due area. Members will also begin to build their own personal map book of the first-due area.

Materials required include company map books, correction fluid, transparency film, transparency markers, access to a copy machine, an overhead projector, and pencils for the members.

Make a copy of the company map book pages for the streets within one mile of your station. Also, make copies of preplan drawings for the major public buildings in the first-due area. Use correction fluid to remove street and building names, as well as any special water source symbols such as dry hydrants, from the street map copies. Remove symbols for standpipes, sprinklers, and alarm panels from the preplan building drawings. Finally, make a copy of the blank pages for each member and one for a transparency to use during the drill.

At the start of the drill, give members maps, pencils, and 15 minutes to fill in the missing information. Then, project the transparency on the screen and fill in the missing information. Let the members tell you the missing street names and symbols.

Objectives of the drill are to review response routes, ensure knowledge of street locations in the first-due area, and ensure knowledge of water source locations.

As with any drill, discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what to do differently the next time.

If you have a similar drill idea and wish to share it, please e-mail: chrism@pennwell.com.

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For more information on this drill, including a list of references, figures, and a sample SOP, visit http://store.yahoo.com/pennwell/voltraindril.html to purchase Volunteer Training Drills–A Year of Weekly Drills.

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