Continuous Training: The Fire Academy

Bobby Halton for the Fire Academy
FDIC International/YouTube

The Clarion Events Fire and Rescue Group has launched the Fire Academy, a new subscription service featuring hundreds of online courses for fire and EMS training, including courses with continuing education credits. Learn more at

Some select courses are noted below:

Science in the Fire Service: Research Update on Contamination Control

Gavin Horn offers updates on recent experiments in fire behavior, decontamination of PPE, and other lessons learned in the field to help prevent firefighters from getting sick or dying on the fireground.

Rethinking Trauma: The Resiliency Matrix

Are our responses to trauma predictable?  Why do different people react differently to trauma and stress? This class from Dena Ali will use evidence-based research to demonstrate that we have the power to manage our responses to trauma and adversity.

Unmanned Systems: Managing Wildfires with Rapid Response Surveillance

Bobby Halton leads this discussion with three aviation experts to discuss the wide variety of uses, challenges, and benefits this emerging technology offers the fire service.

25 to Survive

Doug Mitchell and Dan Shaw look at 25 modes of preparation that each firefighter should follow that will result in a successful career.

Truck Company Operations Without the Truck

Arthur Ashley talks about performing “truck work” at fire scene when no ladder truck is present while also being prepared to take on a multitude of other fireground responsibilities.

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