ISFSI Credentials First Professional Fire Instructor

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors is excited to announce the first successful credential of the Society’s Professional Fire Instructor designation.

The Society’s Credential Council awarded Fire Chief Mark Story, of Bighorn Fire Company and Academy, in Bozeman, Montana the credential of Professional Fire Instructor based on a combination of professional and life experience, education and training, student and professional references, and technical competencies. Chief Story has a combined 38 years of experience in wildland fires, structure protection, Heli-Base support, crash rescue, and triage for all Type 1 incident teams throughout the western United States. In addition, Chief Story is proficient in fire systems management, medical management, fire investigation, and fire instruction.

Chief Story has spent the latter part of his career as the County Fire Marshal and Fire Chief in Bighorn County, Montana. His efforts in developing the paid rural fire department have elevated it into one of the most proficient initial response units in the state. He has demonstrated fervor for adequate training for his employees and himself throughout his career, contributing to the success of his department.

Chief Story received numerable accolades regarding his successes as an instructor from his peers and students within the profession. He is currently in the process of opening a non-profit fire training academy in the State of Montana. His creative utilization of resources was a unique quality pointed out by members of the Credential Council. Chief Story is involved in the profession through his contributions with multiple membership affiliations, and he is respected for his community involvement.

The Society if pleased to offer the esteemed designation of Professional Fire Instructor to Chief Story and honored to have him representing the Society’s professional platform.

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