New ELA Program Assists Smaller Public Safety Agencies

Esri launched a new enterprise licensing program designed to make acquiring Esri technology easy and affordable for small public safety agencies. The Small Public Safety (SPS) Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) gives fire, law enforcement, corrections, probation, and emergency management departments the same benefits that larger organizations have realized from traditional Esri ELA programs. Created for agencies in the United States serving populations of 100,000 or fewer, the SPS ELA eliminates the cost barrier that can impede fully realizing the benefits of Esri software.

“Public safety agencies struggle to meet public expectations during difficult economic times,” says Russ Johnson, public safety solutions director, Esri. “This new program allows smaller agencies to quickly and easily deploy a complete enterprise system to support complex analysis, effective resource deployment, and better overall decision support.”

Public safety agencies will be able to take advantage of the ELA to deploy ArcGIS software as a complete system. They will be able to efficiently collect, organize, and manage data, making it more accessible on local machines, in enterprise systems, or in the cloud. Staff can take advantage of full information analysis and visualization capabilities, as well as field mobility and data sharing, for true situational awareness. In addition, the ArcGIS system provides easy-to-configure web mapping applications and can help filter and leverage social media and other volunteered geographic information. It provides a foundation for collaborating and communicating with the public, adjacent jurisdictions, and state or federal partners.

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