Get a jump on the 21st century! Join fire departments across the country solving the health hazards of diesel pollution by install-ing Ward Diesel’s onboard, state-of-the-art NO SMOKE filtration system, which meets established NIOSH/OSHA regulations and features automatic, hands-off operation when exiting or returning to the station; easy maintenance and guaranteed satisfaction; fail-safe performance; and no hoses to hook up, trip over, rip off, or drag down the street. Contact Ward Diesel at (800) 845-4665 or on the Internet at

Air Vacuum Corporation is proud to introduce its AIR VAC-911 ENGINE EXHAUST REMOVAL SYSTEM. This ceiling-mounted, self-contained system does not interfere with day-to-day activity or require hoses or vehicle attachments. The Air Vac-911 is made in the USA and meets NFPA/OSHA standards. Web site: (800) 540-7264.

Honda and Tele-Lite introduce the truly innovative TEU1000iD 1,000-watt generator with 500-watt light kit. The unit is lighter (36 pounds) and smaller (24 2 10 2 15 inches). It produces electricity as good as commercial sources with a wave distortion so low it can be used to power even the most frequency- and voltage-sensitive equipment. This ultra low-noise generator can operate up to 8.7 hours; linking two generators doubles your power. (800) 538-0022.

Clemens Industries, Inc. proudly introduces the SCBA ACCOUNTABILITY BOARD that keeps track of your personnel. This user-friendly board features a convenient handhold at the top and tough ABS plastic construction. At the top, three 100-minute timers each have a digital clock with 15-minute overdue indicator. There are nine holes (three per column) at the bottom of the board for hanging firefighter/rescuer accountability tags. The SCBA Accountability Board can be used at haz-mat, confined-space, bio-chem, and underwater incidents. (800) 358-2536. Web site:

Meeting or exceeding all OSHA and NFPA 1975 standard requirements, Workrite’s LIFELINE RESCUE SUIT enables quick extraction of personnel from confined spaces while protecting them with the superior flame resistance of DuPont’s NOMEXT IIIA aramid fiber. Its built-in safety harness and lifeline loop are made of KevlarT fiber, buckles and zippers are protected by NOMEX IIIA material, and straps are made of hook-and-loop fabric for quick closure. This and all other Workrite garments are covered by a unique one-year workmanship guarantee. (800) 521-1888.

The MULTIRAE PLUS from Rae Systems is an extremely flexible monitor configurable with a variety of sensors as a diffusion or pumped instrument and with alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The MultiRAE is the only instrument available on the market today that offers both photoionization detection and standard gas protection. (408) 752-0723.

Aerial Inspection is an independent, nondestructive testing and inspection company that specializes in AERIAL DEVICE and GROUND LADDER EQUIPMENT TESTING. Today’s sophisticated equipment requires technicians knowledgeable in the operational and functional aspects of towers and ladders. Our testing programs have been providing comprehensive factory and field services to the fire industry for 18 years and are tailored to meet the current NFPA standards. A brochure explaining our testing programs is available. Web site: (800) 237-1197.

Amkus Rescue Systems is proud to introduce the new MODEL 25E SPEEDWAY CUTTER. The powerful, versatile Speedway cutter is designed for racing but lends itself to everyday vehicle rescue. This long- blade, wide-opening cutter covers the need for continuous cutting, such as B and C posts, third doors, and roofs. It provides a maximum cutting force of 60,000 pounds with a maximum cutter opening of seven inches at tips and eight inches at center. It weighs 34 pounds and has dimensions of 23.5 2 9 2 7.5 inches. (630) 515-1800.

Junkin’s BREAK-AWAY PLASTIC STRETCHER SAF-200 B has a yellow, high-density, polyethylene shell supported by a stainless-steel outer rail permanently attached with stainless-steel semi-tubular rivets. It is designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into halves, which can be backpacked to the point of rescue and assembled in seconds. Positive-locking, quick-release pins secure the two halves together. Four straps are standard. (502) 775-8303.

The rapid increase in the number of mega shopping malls, warehouses, and convention centers and the acceptance of ventilation as a primary truck attack weapon led Super Vac to develop the BFF-502 PPV, the world’s most powerful. Driven by a fuel-injected Chevy 502 engine, the BFF-502 has an eight-blade, fully shrouded, solid carbon fiber prop that moves more than 750,000 cfm. The unit is equipped with a large fuel tank and high-output area lighting and is mounted on an 18-inch, dual-axle trailer that can be towed by any fire department vehicle. (800) 525-5224. Web site:

Superior Signal, with more than 40 years of supplying smoke for realistic drills, offers disposable SMOKE GENERATORS and dependable SMOKE MACHINES. Inexpensive disposable smoke items produce 40,000 cubic feet of dense smoke in three minutes. Smoke can be seen for miles and is great for outdoor disaster simulation. The ST-10 SMOKE MACHINE produces 4,800 cubic feet of nonirritating smoke a minute and is surprisingly affordable. Its auto timer ensures the right amount of smoke when you need it. (732) 251-0800.

The G.E.M. SYSTEM™; from Grace Industries, Inc. provides automated personnel accountability at the emergency incident. Combining PASS technology with spread-spectrum radio signals, the G.E.M. System indicates the status of all personnel present on the scene. If a firefighter’s T-PASS® alarm activates, the person’s identity is displayed on the LCD incident census screen in seconds. The G.E.M. System also indicates whether the firefighter’s T-PASS device is activated. (800) 204-7277.

Robwen, Inc. is pleased to introduce the next generation in foam proportioning-the HYDRO-FLO SERIES. Maintaining the benefits of the long-standing Robwen bladder systems, the Hydro-Flo 100 enables the user to pump foam from 0.1 to 1.0 percent continuously. The Hydro-Flo 100 is a discharge-side, automatic, positive-pressure foam proportioner. (800) 365-9281.

Don’t settle for the same old ’80s-style fire light. From Underwater Kinetics, the new UK 300 LIGHT combines state-of-the-art safety features with 20 percent more candlepower than any other three-cell lights. The high-intensity, smoke-cutting beam produces additional peripheral light. An unbreakable nylon clip is easy to use with one hand and withstands extreme abuse. Polarized battery carriage and unique gas venting system eliminate safety concerns about battery leakage-no light is safer! FM and CSA safety approved for hazardous locations. Waterproof and dielectrically safe. (800) 327-7388.

The Knox Company has been manufacturing high-security key boxes, vaults, cabinets, key switches, and padlocks for 25 years. This proven rapid entry system reduces response time, property damage, and liability for lost keys. More than 6,000 fire departments, government agencies, and military installations depend on Knox products and support services. Other products include Knox FDC CAPS for protecting standpipes from vandalism and the Knox-Scan INFRARED HEAT SENSOR for detecting hidden hot spots. (800) 552-5669.

National Safety Clean (NSC), the cleaning professionals who restore personal protective equipment to like new, now offers QUARTERMASTER PROGRAMS (total care packages), BAR CODING, BAR CODING SYSTEMS, and PPE INSPECTIONS (in-house or on-site). NSC is recognized throughout the fire service industry as the experts in turnout gear maintenance and is certified to repair CrossTech® and GoreTex® liner systems. Web site: E-mail: www.sales@ (800) 253-2690.

The Setcom SYSTEM 930 INTERCOM AND DUAL RADIO MIXER is specifically designed for EMS and other dual radio applications requiring simultaneous transmission on two radios. Remote stations allow crew to prioritize audio inputs from two radios and a full duplex intercom. The crew can converse normally within a vehicle or establish a radio link excluding traffic from other radios. Various headsets can be used, including the new 7B High Comfort Headset. (800) 966-1034.

The Bullard MX THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA (TIC) offers the latest in thermal imaging technology with the same Bullard toughness. The MX includes a four-inch screen; a four-channel transmitter with external switching capability; and a new onscreen display that includes a temperature gauge, low-battery warning light, and transmitter channel indicator. Web sites: and (800) 827-0423.

Southern Mills introduces MILLENIA™, a new-generation, high-performance OUTER SHELL FABRIC for firefighter turnout gear. This new Zylon® blend fabric was introduced in September 1999. Unsurpassed thermal stability, superior abrasion resistance, the highest strength retention after thermal exposure, and a Super Shelltite™ Teflon® finish are just a few of Millenia’s advantages over other outer shell fabrics. (770) 969-1000.

The UPF (United Plastic Fabricating) POLY-TANKT IIE is manufactured from PT2E copolymer polypropylene with BP Amoco Polymers, Inc. resin. The Poly Tank IIE has the greatest low-temperature impact strength, best weldability, and highest flexibility of any tank available today. The Poly Tank IIE is 50 percent lighter than a steel tank, is 10 percent lighter than a fiberglass tank, and has water/foam combinations ranging from 20 to 4,000 gallons. (800) 638-8265.

PlymoVent makes firefighter safety priority #1. Con-trolling diesel exhaust in the fire station has become fire departments’ top safety priority. PlymoVent is the best proven solution to this problem, offering three types of systems, which are backed by nationwide service and installation teams. PlymoVent’s SBTA SYSTEM has been designed to provide firefighters with the most dependable and user-friendly exhaust ventilation system on the market today. (800) 644-0911.

The SPIROMATIC-S BREATHING APPARATUS is a major upgrade to Interspiro’s Spiro-matic model. It features a simpler over-the-shoulder hose routing, wider straps with smooth rolling parachute-style buckles, an integrated PASS, and a simple but effective buddy breathing approach. Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced with Spiro-matic-S quick-change modular components. The Spiromatic-S features can be simply and economically added to Spiromatic breathing apparatus currently in use through the Q upgrade program. (800) 468-7788.

Augustus Fire Tool® announces the addition of a one-inch NST full-time swivel (FTS) on the handle of its SERIES 200 and 300 HOSELINE PIERCING NOZZLE TOOLS. The FTS affords more operational flexibility when penetrating exterior surfaces while combating compartmentalized fires using the indirect method of attack. The swivel will accept booster lines or the various hose WHIPs supplied with Augustus Fire Tool Hoseline models. These high-quality piercing applicators and accessories were designed with the primary objective of safety for fire service personnel. (888) 299-9333.

The field-proven ISG K90 TALISMAN, the smallest and lightest THERMAL IMAGER, is now available with DIGITEK, a new image enhancement system that takes thermal imaging to the next level by electronically enhancing the technology for the firefighting environment. The K90 Talisman is equipped with video overlay, on-screen temperature measurement, secured digital transmitter, 4.8 hours per battery charge, and other features. (877) SEE-FIRE.

The Norriton Hydraulics’ Heat-Shield is a radical new design for cooling vests. Designed for hot, humid situations where light weight and flexibility are important considerations, Heat-Shield provides almost three hours of active cooling and passive heat shielding. It incorporates a unique design to wick away moisture; condense and channel it out the vest. Heat-Shield is designed to be frozen over and over in a common freezer and yet maintain a comfortable temperature next to the body. (800) 300-5438.

The COMMAND ZONE7#153; ELECTRONICS CENTER from Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. is a fully integrated central control system that encompasses vehicle information/diagnostics systems including multiplexing, Pierce Controller IV, and Pierce Information Centers. Apparatus may be connected directly to Pierce headquarters via computer and modem for remote troubleshooting. Operators have instant access to engine temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, engine overheating warning, and other information displayed at driver’s instrument panel and pump operator’s panel. Available on Pierce Dash 2000 and Lance 2000 custom apparatus. (920) 832-3155.

Skedco’s RESCUE HAULER 4:1 PULLEY SYSTEM is a double three-inch pulley with a cam and a matching double pulley. The cam prevents the load from dropping when you release your grip on the rope and is guaranteed for life. The pulley and sheaves are anodized to meet a 200-hour salt spray test. Larger pulley sheaves increase efficiency and are kind to the rope. It accepts 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch ropes. The minimum break in use is 12,000 pounds. (503) 639-2119.

Introducing the safest way to store and transport SCBA bottles in your fire station, the GEARMASTERS PORTABLE AIR BOTTLE TRUCK from P & R Products Company. It features Fire-KoteTM electrostatic epoxy finish; heavy-duty, push/pull steering handle; and standard backguards on all shelf levels. Additionally, it has rugged industrial swivel casters with two locking foot brakes and static-free polymer/ABS bottle bed liners. It easily stores up to 16 air cylinders and has dimensions of 24 2 36 2 41 inches. (800) 852-6088. Web site:

This is the reference book rescuers have been looking for! Holmatro introduces THE RESCUER’S GUIDE TO VEHICLE SAFETY SYSTEMS. This book provides you with detailed information on the presence and location of air bag systems, seat belt pretensioners, batteries, and gas struts by year, make, and model for every domestic and imported car sold in North America since 1985. (410) 768-9662.

Quality COLOR CONNECTIONS from Kochek offer outstanding flexibility. You can clearly see the difference with such features including smaller dimensions, tight tolerances, color coding, and superior pressure resistance. Call Kochek today! Kochek Co., Inc. Specialty Fire Equipment; 271 Old Colony Road, Box 369 Eastford, CT 06242; (800) 420-4673; fax, (800) 772-0255. Web site:, E-mail:

VFIS offers a comprehensive portfolio of insurance protection and specialized services designed for Emergency Service Organizations. Today, VFIS insures over 12,000 clients in 49 states and Canada. Recognizing that these valuable resources can help all emergency service organizations better serve their communities, our quality educational training, risk control and management programs are now available to all emergency service organizations. Additionally, VFIS provides quality consulting to fire, criminal justice and EMS organizations. Web site: (800) 233-1957.

Great for haz-mat incidents, disasters, MCIs, and drills, the MULTIPLE PATIENT TRIAGE BOARD™ from InforMed is durable, rewritable, and reusable. It comes with triage tags, a grease pencil, and an attached lanyard that makes it easy to wear during an emergency. The nine- by 12-inch board tracks nine victims simultaneously. (503) 624-8014.

The INGER DOG IN-Ground Exhaust Removal SYSTEM from Inger Dog, Inc. is designed to give the highest durability, lowest maintenance, and longest life and has shorter hoses. The automatic hose disconnect has nothing on the end to damage equipment and hooks up to engines with vertical exhaust pipes. Additionally, the Inger Dog system has automatic fan activation and a UL-approved control panel. The system can be taken out of service easily with floor cover plates. The 100-percent point source capture system is out of sight! (800) 300-5438.

Zumro, Inc., America’s leading manufacturer of air shelters, introduces its 400-SQUARE-FOOT AIR SHELTER. Zumro Air Shelters range in size between 128 and 400 square feet, and Zumro’s unsurpassed “closed-system” high-strength airframe technology and extensive ability to customize its shelters ensure a superior product. Zumro Air Shelters have a proven track record backed by the best warranty in the business. They can be used under severe weather conditions (tested in 60 mph winds and 1,000-pound snowload) and in diverse operations from simple rehab to mass decontamination. (800) 932-6003.

Hale Products announces the release of an NFPA-compliant, large-diameter intake valve designed with a built-in pressure relief valve. Designed to fit behind the pump operator panel, the MASTER INTAKE VALVE (MIV) is engineered to be an integral part of the pump, eliminating the safety hazard of a bulky valve hanging outside the running boards. An oversized 6.4-inch-diameter bore and streamlined butterfly disc design allow the MIV to remain in place during high-volume draft operations. Each valve is equipped with panel placards, status lights indicating valve position, and an air bleeder port and is available in manual and electrical configurations. (610) 825-6300.

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