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Miami-Dade resident Al Alvarez spends time with family after being successfully resuscitated

Video: Hands-Only CPR

Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue shared a video about the successful resuscitation of one local resident who survived cardiac arrest thanks to the quick administration of hands-only CPR.
Lowering firefighter through the floor

Training Minutes: Firefighter Rescue from Below-Grade Situations

Dan DiRenzo discusses how to incorporate the personal harness when sending a firefighter through a hole in a floor to rescue a firefighter trapped below.
Allison Brager

APS Radio: Sleep Specialist Allison Brager

APS Radio host Jim Burneka talks sleep deprivation with Major Allison Brager.
Mike Ciampo with a saw on the roof of a home

Training Minutes: Pull-Back Roof Cut

Mike Ciampo of the FDNY demonstrates how to perform a pull-back cut to open up a roof.
Fire apparatus rollover crash

Video: Apparatus Rollovers

In this video, Chris Daly of Drive to Survive addresses the issue of rollovers and safety.
Manual pump shift override

Video: Manual Pump Shift Override

This video from Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue is intended to familiarize driver/operators with manual pump shift override procedures.
Firefighting Fridays with Jeff Shupe and Strategic Fire

Firefighting Fridays: Culture in the Engine House

Jeff Shupe and other members of Strategic Fire offer a panel discussion on various aspects of fire department culture.
Paul Dansbach on wood-frame construction

Training Minutes: Wood-Frame Building Under Construction

Paul Dansbach looks at some of the dangers firefighters face when fighting a fire at a wood-frame building under construction.
Firefighters using a ladder and a rope to remove a firefighter

Training Minutes: Ladder High-Point Removal

Dan DiRenzo shows how to remove a firefighter from a second-floor window by using the personal harness in a ladder high-point removal.
Tony Carroll, Brian Zaitz, and Dan Kerrigan

Humpday Hangout: Firefighter Heart Health and Fitness

Tony Carroll talks with Brian Zaitz and Dan Kerrigan about firefighter heart health and fitness.