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John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on forcible an inward-opening metal door

Training Minutes: Inward-Opening Metal Door

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone demonstrate forcible entry techniques a lone firefighter can use to defeat the locks on tight inward-opening metal doors.
MDFR firefighters put together a hose bundle

Video: Triple U Standpipe Deployment

This firefighter training video from Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue demonstrates how to configure and deploy standpipe bundles for limited space situations.
Miami-Dade firefighter practices cutting on glass training prop

Videos: Impact-Resistant Glass-Cutting Training Props

Captain Juan Miguel of Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue has designed and built two props for training on glass-cutting techniques.
Pierce fire apparatus at house fire

FDIC 2021: Pierce Manufacturing

In the moments when objects become actions, when calm becomes chaos, when inspiring, courageous people answer the call, they should be able to believe in and count on one name before and above all others.
Joe Alvarez on mask confidence training and firefighter bailout

Training Minutes: Mask Confidence Training and Firefighter Window Bailouts

Joe Alvarez and company demonstrate a mask confidence training course and offers a tip for bailing out of windows.
Brian Ward and CSU at FDIC 2021

FDIC 2021: A Conversation with Columbia Southern University Alumnus Brian Ward

Because of its exceptional customer service, flexible scheduling and relevant degree programs, CSU was the right choice for Brian.
ZOLL at FDIC 2021

FDIC 2021: ZOLL X Series Advanced

Pioneering solutions for multiple patient conditions, ZOLL’s new X Series® Advanced monitor/defibrillator helps providers manage patients more effectively than ever before.
Will-Burt at FDIC

FDIC 2021: Will-Burt Mobile Sentry

The Will-Burt Mobile Sentry tethered aerial system (TAS) is an automated, quick-deploy, tethered drone system capable of delivering scene lighting, enhanced visual surveillance, and telecommunications.
Milliken at FDIC 2021

FDIC 2021: Milliken Fire Service: Built to Protect

With textiles to meet NPFA standards for structural, wildland, EMS, Station Wear, and Technical rescue, Milliken Fire Service is an ideal choice when specifying lightweight, breathable fabrics for firefighting.

FDIC 2021: IdentiFire Product Review

IdentiFire focuses on scene safety and accountability products, which are all made in the USA, to help firefighters do their job.