From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor: Critical Initial Assignments in a High-Rise Firefight

Fighting fires in high-rise buildings is dangerous and labor intensive; thus, incident commanders must have a well-established plan that has been proven through training. Personnel accountability, clear communication, and a strong command presence are crucial for a successful firefight in high-rises, which are typically massive with millions of square feet and multiple floors; contain huge basements with maintenance shops, laundry facilities, hazardous materials storage, and utilities; and hold thousands of employees, clients, and guests who access the building through multiple entrances and exits and dozens of elevators. Communications inside these structures are limited by their concrete and steel construction. Fires necessitate multiple alarms with hundreds of firefighters operating in several areas and on multiple floors of the building. This webcast will help you develop a high-rise operations plan based on the size and capabilities of your department.

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