Couple Killed in Waldo County Fire Not Registered For Emergency Call

The address where two people were found dead following the Waldo Canyon Fire did not have associated phone numbers registered for emergency notifications, reports 11 KKTV.

Colorado Springs Police spokesperson Barbara Miller says evidence found after the fire shows it appears the couple was preparing to evacuate. Things had been loaded into a car and they had told a family member by phone they were preparing to evacuate.

Approximately 114,000 emergency notifications were made during the week following June 23. At the peak, 32,000 people were evacuated.

El Paso and Teller County 911 says approximately 20,000 of the notifications were abandoned after the calls were not completed.

In this system, more than one phone can be registered for each person or address.

The El Paso and Teller County system is voice activated, meaning the message won’t begin to play until it hears a voice on the other end of the emergency notification call. When it does, the subscriber is asked to press a key to hear the message play. After the message, the system also offers an opportunity to play the message again.

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