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Kincade Fire

Wildfire Smoke’s Economic Damage Lingers After Flames

The damage caused by wildfires can be devastating, gutting structures and driving out people who live and work nearby.
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CA Utilities to Spend Billions to Cut Wildfire Risk

California's largest utilities said Friday that they will spend about $13 billion to reduce the risk of wildfires following the worst fire season in modern state history and a string of fires that were blamed on their equipment.
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Forecasters: AZ Faces Above-Normal Wildfire Threats

Drought remains in place across Arizona with a likelihood of warm and dry conditions in coming months even after a recent storm dropped heavy snow across much of the state's high country, a 2021 wildfire season outlook says.
Colorado wildfire

Judge Weighs Dropping Charges Against Man Over CO Wildfire

With no viable option remaining for trying a mentally ill Danish man accused of starting a large Colorado wildfire in 2018, a judge said Thursday he will rule next week on whether to dismiss criminal charges against him.
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Federal Disaster Aid Approved for WI Towns Destroyed by Wildfire

Five months after a wildfire destroyed the adjacent towns of Malden and Pine City, President Joe Biden has approved federal aid for the towns and for other areas in Eastern Washington burned by fires last year.
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CA Looking Elsewhere for Wildfire Firefighters After Criticism of Use of Inmates

California is running short of inmates who have for decades fought the state's wildfires, as the state braces for the possibility of yet another drought and a summer of catastrophic infernos.
Firefighter at a raging wildfire in Perth, Australia

Wildfire in Western Australia Burns More Homes

Outside the western city of Perth, more than 70 homes have been lost in a wildfire that is expected to continue burning for days.
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59 Homes Lost, More Threatened in Australian Wildfire

An out-of-control wildfire burning northeast of the city of Perth has destroyed at least 59 homes and was threatening more.
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Scientists: Wildfire Smoke May Carry ‘Mind-Bending’ Amounts of Fungi and Bacteria

When wildfires roar through a forest and bulldozers dig into the earth to stop advancing flames, they may be churning more into the air than just clouds of dust and smoke
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How Fires Became Ripe Areas for Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

When Lilli Heart fled California’s deadliest wildfire in 2018, she was stuck in traffic for two hours outside the town of Paradise with her two cats in a car that was running low on gas.